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Related Information

The Shiatsu Society (UK)
P O Box 4580
CV21 9EL
Tel: 0845 130 4560
Fax: 01788 555052

The European School of Shiatsu (Marlborough)
High Banks
Nr Marlborough
Tel: 01672 513 444
Fax: 01672 513 444

Suggested reading

If you are interest in reading more about these therapies discussed on the SoHerbal site, I can recommend the following books:-

Principles of Shiatsu, by Chris Jarmey

The Book of Shiatsu, by Paul Lundberg

The Web that has no Weaver, by Ted Kaptchuk

Oceans of Streams, by Veet John Allan

Indian Head Massage, by Helen McGuinness

Way of Chakras, by Caroline Shola Arewa

Shiatsu, The Complete Guide, by Chris Jarmey

Shiatsu Theory & Practice, by Carola Beresford-Cooke

These books represent a small selection of the material available regarding these subjects and are more accessible to those with no prior knowledge of Shiatsu or bodywork.

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