Yin-Yang and 5 Elements

Shiatsu - Yin-Yang and 5 Elements

The Yin-Yang concept is widely known and is often referred to when conveying a sense of equilibrium & equality. Within a Shiatsu treatment, this concept is applied to determine where our energy is and where it needs to be.

Yin pertains to the interior, to rest, depth and thoughtfulness whilst Yang relates to the exterior, physical movement & mental activity, heat & light. Yin and Yang are as important as each other and when either dominates the other, our energy responds and we feel changes in our sense of wellbeing.

The five elements is a concept steeped in TCM (Traditional Chinese Medicine), which forms the basis of Shiatsu, acu-pressure and acupuncture therapies.

The five elements inform how we interact with the nature and the seasons which influence our individual energetic picture. The elements are:


Each of these elements interacts with aspects of ourselves and so imbalances within these elements can affect our wellbeing. Shiatsu aims to restore balance the Qi (energy) within the 5-elements cycle, enabling us to feel well and function better.

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